The following list of prices is provided as a guide to the most popular treatments requested and will be confirmed prior to commencement of treatment.

An initial consultation fee is charged at £200 prior to any treatments



Non Surgical Treatments:


Anti wrinkle injections From £195  (Most requests are for 3 areas at £325)
Excessive Sweating (hyperhidrosis) From £475
Facial Fillers From £295
Facial Peels From £120 (Most are prescribed as a course approx. £500)


Surgical Treatments:


Skin Cancer & Skin Lesions

Mole and Skin Lesion Removal From £425 (up to 3 lesions)
Skin Cancer Treatment From £670
Skin Tag removal From £255


Facial Surgery

Face Lift From £6,500
Eyelid Reduction From £2,500
Endoscopic Brow Lift From £4,500
Prominent Ears From £3,000
Fat Injections/Grafting From £2,500


Body Contouring Surgery

Liposuction From £3,250
Abdominoplasty From £6,250
Medial Thigh Lift From £6,250
Arm lift From £4,200


Breast Surgery

Breast Augmentation From £5,000
Breast Reduction From £5,500
Gynaecomastia From £5,000